About Me!

My name is Danette Olier. I started taking photos 4 years ago when my daughter started playing softball. I wanted to get some great action shots of her playing ball. I then started taking all of her pictures instead of purchasing the ones from the school or other places I would take her to have them done. When I created my packages for my customers I decided I wanted to let them chose how they wanted them to be. I give them a lot of choses with their packages. I always hated not being able to get more than one pose with my packages I purchased. With mine if the package calls for 8 - 8 x 10 photos they don't have to be of the same pose. You can get 8 different poses in your package. 

I specialize in Location Photography. I don't have a studio for taking photos. So the weather does become a factor some. But I have several different locations for my customers to choose from. With my Seniors I put aside a whole Saturday for them and we go to as many locations as they want and they are given up to 5 outfit changes during that time. I will usually take them around to show them the different locations a couple of days before the photo shoot so that we know which locations they want to go on the day of the shoot. Sometimes I will throw in a couple of radom locations along the way.

So give me a call if you are interested in getting some photo done. I love helping people make memories.

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